SpotMolePlus provides a simple way to have a quick check of your skin spots and moles. Take a snapshot of a mole and let SpotMolePlus do the rest! SpotMolePlus may detect signs of melanoma using image processing and pattern recognition techniques. SpotMolePlus does a scan of relevant dermatological features and outputs an overall assessment.

SpotMole is the first mobile app ever to implement the concept of on-device analysis of moles to track signs of melanoma.

Using SpotMolePlus you first have to take a close-up and well centered snapshot of a skin spot or mole and next run an analysis. SpotMolePlus automatic assessment software uses standard visual analysis proceedures to check spots on the skin. The features extracted are common in dermatology and widely employed in visual inspection of the skin spots. These are Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter and Evolution of the mole (ABCDE).

SpotMolePlus is by no means a substitute for clinical diagnostics performed by trained dermatologists. SpotMole is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. Regardless of the output of the program you are urged to seek medical advice if you have doubts with a particular skin spot - mole. SpotMolePlus assessment is for informational purpose only. Use SpotMolePlus at your own risk.
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  • SpotMolePlus - 1.25 (euros)
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  • mole analysis, melanoma, self-assessment
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  • Everyone bothered by a mole
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