SQMOS Recommeder
SQMOS makes recommendations to you on your smartphone to best match your current preferences for entertainment. You no longer need to filter through irrelevant listings and ads to find what you want. SQMOS connecting worlds around you!
SQMOS Recommender is a mobile-based on-the-go advertising platform to display and search. The platform makes recommendations to a user's Smartphone based on the best match to their current preferences. All preferences and parameters are opt-in so subscribers get only what they asked for. SQMOS leverages the power of the “semantic web” to integrate current location, social profiles and expressed preferences, coupled with ratings and reviews of other users with similar profiles. Hiper-targeted advertising is at the core of SQMOS Recommender, and the technology has been built from the ground up with that focus. Marketing departments can reach specific segments of consumers and businesses can customize and offer real-time events to promote their products or services.
For businesses: consumers are ignoring web & mobile ads because they are overwhelmed with offers that are not relevant to their immediate needs. Businesses need to be able to cost effectively target web/mobile ads such that consumers receive them at the moment they are most relevant to the consumer, thus increasing ad effectiveness.
For consumers: The web provides access to so much information that finding relevant information and recommendations at the time and location that consumers are looking is becoming ever more frustrating and time consuming. Consumers need to be able to quickly and simply get a set of targeted recommendations via their Smartphones or Tablets that match their needs and preferences at that moment.
For businesses: A targeted advertising web-based system that enables them to provide events offers that are relevant to specific market segments based upon their current needs and then measure the success of their advertising.
For Consumers: A geo-location based personal assistant that uses their social profiles (currently integrated with Facebook, in the near future with LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare) to deliver information and recommendations that are relevant to their specific needs at that moment.
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  • Events, augmented reality, semantic web, advertising, ads display, ads search
Target Users
  • Smartphone user 16-65 yrs old
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