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Ask anyone and they will tell you - at some point they showed a hairdresser a picture of a celebrity and asked for that look. Many will also tell you that they walked out of the salon looking worse than when they went in. Instead of getting a cool, short haircut that Victoria Beckham has, they walk out looking like an eight year old boy! That is why we have created the Stylez App.

Celebrity photos give a stylist an idea of what the client wants, but they are flat, 2-D photos that only show one angle of the hair, making it really difficult for stylists to actually create that look. Until now...

We have 400 men's and women's hairstyle recipes and instructional videos for hairdressers. Clients can now throw away the gossip magazines and instead, use the Stylez App to Find a Style, Find a Salon, and Book an Appointment with a hairdresser who will know exactly what style the client wants before the appointment, providing them time to prepare by watching the instructional video and reviewing the recipe, ensuring everyone gets the look they want.

Numerous companies provide online booking for salons and their existing clients, but none of them actually bring in new clients. The Stylez App is unique in that we provide new clients to stylists who are part of our App network, along with providing them award-winning education through their smartphone or computer, all created by our team of 40 Top Stylists from 10 different countries.

The hair industry is very old-fashioned, and we aim to shake things up with our Stylez App, which will become the go-to place for everything hairdressing, including:

400 of Haircuts, Colors & Styles to Discover
Online Booking
Celebrity Styles
User Profiles with Appointment & Style Histories
Salon Profiles & Portfolios
Hair Product Purchasing

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Web Version - 25/month (Consumers gain access free, Professionals pay to be in the SalonFinder and have access to all instructional content.)
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  • Hairstyles, Beauty, Fashion, Online Education, Booking, Salon, Spa
Target Users
  • Anyone with hair on their head!
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