SunClean (Sanitation Games)
Sanitation Games for Kids
Awareness on safe sanitation and hygiene remains generally low. To help people understand sanitation and hygiene issues, we have to start by educating children. Most approaches, however, fail to reach and gather children's attention for the topic.

SunClean is a game that playfully teaches sanitation and hygiene behavior. Awarded as the 1st Winner of the 2012 Sanitation Hackathon Jakarta, Indonesia, we want to spred out our ide about this sanitation game to the world.

SunClean, consist of 2 Mini Games:

1. Disposal Trash

2. Hand Wash for Kids

We hope, we can change behavior, because educating children as the next generation is absolutely crucial. Reaching out to them through games is one way to have a learning impact.

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Waste water is poorly managed, People don't wash their hands!, Make sanitation affordable, Education
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