SuperVision for Cardboard
Advanced magnifier for the visually impaired based on google cardboard.
SuperVision is an advanced magnifier for the visually impaired based on google cardboard. You can use it with or without a cardboard unit. Without cardboard, SuperVision is a portable electronic magnifier while integrated with a google cardboard is a electronic glasses. The application could help to a wide range of visually impaired users (presbyopia, myopia, macular diseases...) in their day to day.
The application allows to easily control the zoom, the contrast and the color mode of the image. Three natural and seven synthetical color models are supported. You can also use SuperVision in dark environments, by activating the flash of your smartphone.
The application is fully compatible with the accessibility system of Android (TalkBack) and iOS (VoiceOver).

How to use:
When you activate the control buttons you will see the following (from left to right):
- Contrast - A pair of buttons for increase or decrease the image contrast.
- Flash - Set flash on/off for dark environments.
- Bifocal Mode - In many situations, you probably need to alternate between far and near view. For example, watch tv while reading a book, or read the blackboard and take notes at the same time in the case of students. When bifocal mode it is activated, the application manages two setups: far view and near/reading view. The application detects both states using the orientation of the device. Simply look forward and adjust the controls for this view and then look down for setup the near view. The application will save both setups and will alternate between them automatically.
- Cardboard Mode - Switch between cardboard mode or smartphone mode.
- Reset - Configuration will back to predefined values except cardboard mode and bifocal mode.
- Pause - A button to freeze the video
- Color Mode - Switch between color modes (3 natural colors and 7 synthetical colors for reading)
- Zoom - A pair of buttons for increase or decrease the zoom. Maximum zoom supported is x6.

SuperVision is developped by the Mobile Vision Research Lab and Neosistec. This work is partially funded by Generalitat Valenciana and MIMECO. Thanks to the VI associations ONCE and RetiMur for their collaboration.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Health, Education
  • Magnifier, Visually Impaired, low vision,
Target Users
  • Visually Impaired and low vision users
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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