The world of surfing in your smartphone
Share with your friends your latest update and where your last surf session was. Sell second hand equipment from your quiver, and let other surfers get the most out of it. Surfboard and wetsuits. Check the Surfconn screen to see the forecast for the nearest spots. Pick the break you want to go to, and get directions.
Check out the latest and hottest events around you: surf tournaments, parties, brand events. Browse the Surfconn Map and find new Spots, Stores, and Accommodation Places. Upload a profile picture, choose your nationality, configure your quiver, and start sharing with other surfers.
Surfconn, connecting the world of surfing.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • surf, surfing, wave, waves, surfboards, surfboard, surf board, neoprene, wetsuit, surf school, surf spot, beach break, surf report, weather report, weather forecast,
Target Users
  • People who practice or want to practice surf
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