Take a Hike!
Explore outdoor urban festivals
Take a Hike provides audience a playful experience of finding and taking part in Urban Festivals happening in the city.

Take a Hike! is an open source application created by Code for Europe 2013 Fellows (Giovanni Maggini, Ohyoon Kwon and Piotr Steininger) in an unique cooperation with City of Amsterdam (Iamsterdam, Economic Affairs and South District) and Waag Society.

Take a Hike! responds to the need of supporting citizens go to places in a city where they can get involved in timely events and enjoy unique opportunities. In Amsterdam growing number of festivals are happening in the city, temporarily transforming multiple indoor and outdoor locations to performance venues with installations, activities and participations. This app specially designed for citizens and event organisers supporting them to create unique mobile experience during urban festivals.

We use mobile app to bridge the gap between event organisers and visitors by providing relevant and timely information in a fun and engaging way. See details benefits below:

For events and cities:
√ Avoid reinventing the wheel
Publish your content through GoHike! mobile app and CMS and reach a larger audience.
√ Promote event using branded mobile apps
Generate your own branded app with customised features using our white label product
√ Reach your audience during the event
Mobile app is a great channel to communicate with audience while they are on the go
√ Know what your audience like
Gain insights and analytics about what places your audience actually visited, and what do they think of it

For visitors:
√ Get to festival venue
Use GPS based compass directing venues without internet access and roaming cost (for foreigners)
√ Navigation becomes playful and social experience
Unlock unique badges from the festival location and share my experience through my Facebook account
√ Know where other people visit
Get to know where cool stuff is taking place, thanks to other users’ review

Take a Hike! was adopted by Nieuw Amsterdam Stadexpeditie in September 2013 organised by the cultural institute Pakhuis de Zwijger.
√ Created branded apps based on white label product
√ Very little time investment to create two branded apps (iOS and Android)
√ Publish 20 themed routes with more than 80 locations
√ Within two days of promotion, 250+ app downloads
√ More than 50 check-in were created during a day of event
√ App entered Nederland Top 100 app downloads
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Games, Art and Culture
  • gamification, festival, tourism, hiking, exploration, ontdek,
Target Users
  • Citizens and tourists. Event organisers, City marketing department
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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