Tappie Colorit
The brain of the child up to 3 years old is especially acquisitive to the outside information and can acquire it in large enough amounts. During this age period the basis of the future intelligence is formed. The intelligence is not only heredity, but also a result of mental loads and trainings.
Fingers’ training stimulates development of certain zones of a brain which, in turn, influence on development of speech, mental activity, logic thinking, memory, visual and acoustical perception of the child, form child’s assiduity and ability to concentrate attention. And the development of leading arm’s fingers’ muscular power and coordination of movements of both arms are necessary for the future acquisition of writing skills.
Tappie Colorit is the new touch-screen iPad and iPhone application suitable for small kids aged 1 to 3 years old. Kids are encouraged to figure out simple cognitive puzzles based on shape or color. Game is created with the focus of the most important moments for kid's development of this age. It promotes development of fine fingers mobility, color perception, logical thinking, attention, and skills to compare of subjects on value, the form and color. Components of this game have bigger sizes and colors that are suitable for small kids. Children learn to recognize shapes and colors, distinguish that figures are differ, but even different subjects can have something general, for example, color. It is a fun and educational application that has a multitude of fun puzzles for children to reveal. The “main” first puzzle starts out with a red circle, blue triangle, and yellow square that need to be dragged to a rows of grey circles, triangles, and squares that unlocks 1 of 8 learning games that include shape matching, color matching, size recognition, visual spatial puzzles, and categorization. Each of the 8 learning games increase in difficulty as you solve a level along with a variety of fun sounds and applause after each correct answer.
The fine motor and concentration skills enormously important at this age and are being smoothly developed through playing experience. This application is outlined by colorful, but calm palette that does not overload child's nervous system. Tappie Colorit is so much simple and interesting and can be suitable and useful for children with special abilities also.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Parents, kindergarten teachers, kids of 1-3 years old, SN kids
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