Tappie Games
Tappie Games is the best suitable for the kids aged of 1 to 3. Playing together with your child can create a lot of fun and learning experience. What kid will see during this age period and, most important, which way he’ll see it, first of all depends from its nearest surrounding, how much correctly parents will manage to select reference points for education and development their child. So animals and insects are lovingly depicted but realistic in their natural environment which provides you with an undistorted view of their looks and movements. You can also teach your child names of animals, insects, flowers and plants during the game to develop her cognitive abilities. Bright colorful game trains concentration of attention, without straining sight, develops a motility of hands and fingers, activity. Kids with pleasure learn the world of flora and fauna which in game are presented in their natural realistic inhabitancy.
The game includes four scenes of the seasons. From the start child have to rub the screen with a finger and to dispel the fog to activate a scene. Appear funny animals, bugs, which kid can move with his finger across the screen. Every action on the screen accompanied by the appropriate sound, for example bees buzzing, rustling wings. To move to the next price, click on the leaf in the corner. New scene includes new animals. After the fourth scene the game starts from the beginning but with more animals. The game includes a series of three such circles.
In this age period begins intensive development of speech also. It’s very important to help kid with development of this difficult science, to talk to him, to ask the questions demanding the developed answer, to be interested in his opinion in different situations, to make him to come up an ideas and wishes by words instead facial expressions. Kids love fairy tales, funny stories. And if parents and kids will compose stories together, it will be even more interesting. Compose your own fairytales.
Tappie Games is simple and funny and can be suitable and useful for children with special abilities also. Tested and approved by the kindergarten teachers and mothers of children with autism. It brings great pleasure to the child and maximize a communication with parents. Your child will love it!
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