Stop wasting time looking for services. Let them come to you!
Taskea is a free application that looks for the most suitable person for the service we need: a small improvement at home or in the garden, private lessons, personal trainer, walking the dog, caring for a child or an elderly person... You just have to publish what you need.
We often lack time to do our pending tasks or to find somebody to help us out. With Taskea, the persons really interested in helping you will contact you so you don't even have to waste time contacting them. This is one characteristic that makes Taskea different from any other application. Through the integrated chat the service conditions are agreed.
  • Free version available
Urban life
  • taskea, collaborative economy, services, skill sharing, neighbours,
Target Users
  • Our early adopters are young men or women, aged 20-35, who are heavy smartphone users and active in social networks. One of the two profiles is a skilled person with free time or interested in making some extra money. The other one is a person who needs t
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