Tasty! Recipes
Tasty and colorful plates, for every taste!
"Tasty Recipes" is the result of 2 couples of friends' passion for food and is meant to be a guide for everyone interested in cooking.
In the app one can find lot of tasty recipes, ranging from traditional Italian to modern international ones, suitable for different occasions. Everyday we add a new recipe, so our cookbook is in continuos development (or increasing continuously).
There are also plenty of tips and tricks provided in order to better succeed in making of every recipe.
With our app we want to create an international food community in which everyone could share his/her own recipes.
We believe that it is important to get in contact with various places and cultures.
That's why our users can get their own creations published in our app (as well as in our social network profile): we really think, sharing the ideas is the key to always improve and never stop being creative in the kitchen.
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Target Users
  • Everyone who has a passion for the kitchen and want to learn, be inspired or share his/her knowledge with the community.
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