TATETI - Tengo Mesa Para Ti
The best way to reserve your table.
Reserve your table in the best gastronomic sites of your city from your mobile, free of charge and instantly. Choose the place you prefer for an outing with friends, a romantic date or an after-office. Select from a restaurant five forks, to the best pizzerias and chiviterias in the city. If your preference is to go out and have drinks and listen to music, also reserve your table from the application in the best pubs of your city.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
Eating and Drinking
  • eat, go out, bar, tateti, table, friends, drink, table, reservation, restaurant, restoran, dinner, food, reservations, reserve, book, booking, pub
Target Users
  • Seekers of good food, good drinking and good lifestyle.
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Google Play, iTunes
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