the only App, that makes your taxdeclaration by itself
Taxbutler is the only app with an algorithm around fiscal intelligence.

Photocopying documents, making the tax declaration clear of the software and submitting it to the tax office from the smartphone.

Taxbutler is a software solution, which is installed as a mobile application on the customer's smartphone. With this app, the customer can create a tax declaration himself and with very little effort: In the current year, the customer uses the app and photograph documents which are recognized and arranged by the software (OCR). In the first step, the data record is supplemented by the information on which document type (invoice, payroll tax, etc.) the picture belongs. The software then extracts the relevant data using an OCR from the images and supplements the data record with the data such as cost type, amount, recipient, etc. An intelligent algorithm creates the tax declaration, which is recognized and preferred by the tax office. The tax declaration is transferred from the app to the tax office, an additional Elster registration is not necessary.
The central certificate eliminates the complicated and incomprehensible Elsterregierung for the customer and he does not have to print anything anymore and submit it in paper.

Customer Service:
- Virtually no expense with tax advice
- Time and money saving
- Secure transmission
- No Elster registration
- No submission of the declaration in paper form
- Explanation can be created "Just in time"

Adjustment features
- Own technology from OCR and algorithm for the creation of the control declaration
- The only provider with a mobile app to create a tax declaration
- No collection of documents required
- Central certificate saves customers the Elster registration
- No manual filling of forms required
- No customer knowledge required in tax law
- Price per declaration between 27 and 87 euros, depending on income
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • taxbutler - free download and register (each tax return cost btween 27 Euro and 87 Euro)
Urban life
  • tax, Steuererklärung, taxdeclaration, taxreturn
Target Users
  • Students, Familys, Single
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