Because your trip can be as memorable as your event, share it, we do the rest
All paths lead to your event… But are you following the right one? Are you bored of traveling alone when other colleagues go to the same event as you? Would you like to prepare your meeting in the train, debrief in the plane or just have a moment to talk with your teammate? And what about sharing a car or a taxi to reduce the travel costs?

TAYO is a professional event-based routing application, it is the solution you need when you want to improve your professional trips!

TAYO addresses two different issues: the event creator who wants to simplify his event transport access and receive feedback from the guests; and the event guest who wants to travel fast, reduces his travel costs and chat with colleagues.

How it works? First, the event creator generates an access map to his event. TAYO provides him a URL to share with the event guests.

Then, a guest uses the URL to join the event and plan his trip with different choices. Each trip can be shared with the other guests. Sharing a train, plane or taxi, will create a “trip team” and send mail to each team participants.

With TAYO you make sure to optimize your travels by sharing them.
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