Teen Driver Safety Smartphone Application
TeenAgee is a cross platform Teen Driver safety application that was founded on a study that shows that teens that have any safe driving conversation with their parents are 1/2 as likely to be involved in an accident. This app faciliates that conversation. After the app is installed, it walks through a safe driving agreement between parents and teens. From there, the app runs in the background on the teen's phone, but parents receive alerts if their teen is:

-Texting while driving
-Exceeding a pre-determined speed limit
-Leaving a pre-deterimined geographic boundary

Furthermore, the parent can go into the app, or log in to our website and track their teen's exact routes traveled (for current or recent trips) and see how fast they were traveling along that route.

This is a great supevisory tool for parents, that helps teens make smarter decisions behind the wheel. Trust your kid? Don't think your kid texts while driving? Think again. Watch the recently aired "My Kid Would Never Do That" special by Dateline. Its not about trust, its about using the technology that got us into this distracted driving mess, to get us out of it.

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • iOS - 4.99 (Per month (multiple teens can log in))
  • Android - 2.99 (Per month (multiple teens can log in))
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  • Teen Driver Safety Tracking Text Texting Speed Speeding Safe Distracted Supervision
Target Users
  • New Teen Drivers and their Parents
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Google Play, iTunes, iPad App Store
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