Mobile security app that allows user to see the location of their lost or misplaced device, and secure any private or personal information stored on the phone.
TekTrak's mobile security application allows users to locate their lost or misplaced device on a map, as well as have the phone check-in with its location in user defined intervals. The application also allows to user to remotely ring the phone (even on silent), send a remote message to the phone, lock and unlock the phone, enable the Wi-Fi remotely (for greater tracking accuracy), as well as wipe the data from the device (through either a partial wipe or complete factory restore). If the TekTrak app is deleted by an unauthorized user, the phone automatically locks itself, and can only be unlocked by the unique code sent to the users account.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • TekTrak Pro - 4.99 (per year)
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  • Locate phone, phone locator, phone security, mobile security, phone finder, lost phone, phone tracker,
Target Users
  • Anyone with a smartphone.
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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