Revolutionary Self-Management Software for Patients with Phantom Pain After Leg Amputation
Telereha is a unique product in its appearance and it is currently the only mobile assisted treatment method for patients with phantom pain after a lower limb amputation. By far the greatest advantage of Telereha is the long-term self-management of virtual exercises (based on mirror therapy) with support and coordination by personal therapists via the interactive mobile application after the patient’s clinical rehabilitation. This approach is the only one of its kind and is currently evaluated in the world’s biggest clinical trial.

The user-centered application supports the long-term self-management after patient’s discharge from rehabilitation. Telereha allows for not only a patient’s frequent and independent training but also supervision from a personal therapist. Through a virtual exercise and training program as well as video tutorials, patients perform therapy independently at home. This ensures positive long-term effects of treatment on phantom limb pain and medication intake.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • phantom pain, telereha, rehabilitation, amputation, lower limb,
Target Users
  • People with lower limb amputation and phantom pain
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