Thumba Photo Editor
The best photo editor for Windows Phone 7
The Thumba Photo Editor is the BEST and MOST COMPLETE editor for your photos in Windows Phone 7. Try it now! The trial version lets you do everything except save, share and edit GPS data.

In addition to being fully integrated with Pictures Hub, the Thumba Photo Editor comes with more than 70 high-quality adjustments and effects, all very easy to use and can be applied many times you want in photos of any size. Zoom and comparison with the original photo tools are easily accessible. Additionally, you can view the photo information and count on the analyzer that, depending on the photo, can make it spectacular with just one touch.

Modify the photo with the operations resize, crop, rotate, flip, instant camera, add colored border or grunge frame, remove red eye, pinch and bloat or mirror. Make adjustments in the photo with auto contrast, normalize, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, sharpness, exposure, white balance, shadows and highlights, color balance, colorize, grayscale, multiply, remove noise or posterize. Enjoy a variety of filters and effects like HDR, soften portrait, skin treatment, 3D glasses, Velvia, lomo, cross processing, vignette, black and white, retro, vintage, old photo, tilt-shift, lens flare, pencil sketch, zoom blur and many, many others.

See where your photos were captured on the map and, if the photo does not have the GPS data, you can inform the location. Besides all that, you can still share your photos easily to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

With Thumba Photo Editor, become a professional photographer has never been so easy!
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  • Thumba Photo Editor - US$ 0.99 (With trial feature built-in)
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  • People who want to improve their photos captured by their Windows Phone 7.
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