Control your time with TimerIn
TimerIn is an App which allows users to request appointments from companies totally FREE.
Users can, quickly and easily, request and manage appointments with companies.

If you are a company, this App is also made for you. You can register in our database completely free of charge and manage appointments with users.

What interesting things can you do if you decide to download this App?

If you are a user:

- Search and find the different companies around you area.
- Organize your appointments with different companies.
- Manage messages with the businesses you have been in contact with.

If you are a company:

- Organize appointments with your customers.
- Create and manage days off in case you do not want users to request appointments.
- Create and manage anonymous clients that do not use the App.
- Set fixed days and hours in which users can request appointments or meetings.
- Manage user messages.
- Manage blocked users.

  • Free version available
Business and Work
  • Appointments, Schedule, Timetable, Calendar, Companies, Users
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