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TIMETRAVELER transforms your mobile device into a window to the past. The app guides you to historic locations along the Berlin Wall and shows you what you would have seen if you had stood there shortly after the Berlin Wall was built. Amazingly it tracks the historic footage right into the live view of your camera. You can, for example, witness the dramatic escape of Frieda Schulze out of her window in the Bernauer Straße in 1961. Or you can see where the church of reconciliation stood within the death strip and witness the detonation of this forsaken Church. All of these historic moments are no longer films on your device but seem to be happening out there right in front of you in midst the Berlin of 2014. With TIMETRAVELER you become an eyewitness to incredible historic moments!
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  • timetraveler berlin wall - 1,79€
  • timetraveler berlin wall - 1,79€
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  • tourist, anyone interested in the history of the berlin wall,
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