Mobile / Online Dating App featuring Location-Based Discovery and Voice Chat
Tingle is a mobile dating network launching initially as an application for the iPhone. This free application combines realtime communications (including text messaging, email, voice and later video chat) with the qualitative visual browsing, discovery and matchmaking features associated with web-based dating services.

Tingle adds to these a unique location-based discovery feature that acts as an icebreaker when singles find themselves in the same location, and which serves as a field guide when Tinglers go out on the town.

Rather than making the implausible promise to set users up with their future life partners via bogus psychological profiling, Tingle is positioned as a tool to enhance the experience of being single by introducing users to as many others as possible, while protecting their personal privacy and delivering a safer, more engaging, and less time-consuming experience.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Single Men/Women 18-38
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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