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Tinkta is not just one more app, it is a lot of them. Our tattoo specialized platform has been made with the idea of giving establishments their own app in an automatic and economic way. That way, users will be able to access in their phones and tablets to all the material available in our platform from our app Tinkta, or they can download the own app from a specific studio that offers tattoos and limited information in an exclusive way to each establishment. Users can surf between all the tattoos from Tinkta or just those of the studio they have downloaded the app. With Tinkta they will be able to explore thousands of tattoos, find the nearest studios or look for the best artists and their works worldwide. Each user can post their own tattoos, as well as comment and vote others’ one. It is possible to save and administrate the best designs in private lists or share them in public lists. From Tinkta it is possible to contact with the establishment, access to their sites and social networks or ask for a reservation for a next tattoo.

Thanks to the experience of the team of Tinkta in the technological area, primarily in apps, they have been able to develop a tool that offers studios access to a predesigned and customizable app, with a similar model to the one that hosting providers offer with their web templates, with the added value of being supplied from a common platform, getting a greater broadcasting. What a studio publish in Tinkta becomes accessible from our website, our app and the app of the studio. We also share the best content in our social networks.

Tinkta wants to become the TripAdvisor of tattoos studios, where their clients can share their experiences, and the Dribble of artists, where they can show their work to the whole world.

Languages: english, spanish, german, french and chinese.

Target Users

A study from the NBC News (Wall Street Journal) in the United States revealed that, in 1999, a 21% of the ones polled stated that in their home there was at least one person with a tattoo. Today, the percentage has been duplicated, being of a 40%. In Spain, the Sigma Dos’ study revealed that one of every ten Spaniards have a tattoo, and if we limit the age range to those between 18 and 29 years old, the proportion rises a 26%. In other European cities like Stockholm, the tattooed population percentage, with ages between 18 and 49 years old, is a 33%.

Apart from people who already have a tattoo, liable to share them or making a new one, tattoos studios owners and artists, we count on with all the population that still don’t have a tattoo and have interest, or just curiosity, in exploring our designs.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Urban life, Art and Culture
  • Tattoos, studios, artist, tatuajes, estudios, artistas
Target Users
  • The objective public varies in people between 16 and 50 years old, without an exclusive economic or academic criteria.
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