Tippy is an application that allows to signal and rate best commercial offers of your city. It uses GPS and geo-location, to discover the best commercial offers available in the place where you are. Based on Crowdsourcing, it activates cooperation between users which make reports, making public convenient commercial offers unknown otherwise.
The authenticity of the reports is provided by a voting system +1, -1, which generates for each product positive or negative feedback.

Why to report a product?
Many times we go to some mall and buy some product, but only after we bought, we discover that the same was available at lower price in the shop near our home.
If a Tippy user had purchased and reported the same product bought near your home, you still think you would have made your purchase at the mall?

Cooperation and informations sharing is the philosophy behind Tippy, no gain, no reward for reports, everything is done for pure spirit of collaboration between users
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  • Crowdsourcing, Appnjoy, sharing informations, social app, best offers
Target Users
  • People of all ages
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