Toilet Tracker and Multi Solution
Android App for Toilet Complaint Registration in Cities and Railways
Android App for Toilet Complaint Registration in Cities and Railways.
It is extension of the Sanhack 2012 Pune, India, Runner Up award winner Application RailDoot.
With this added extension,same app can be used for registering complaints for Toilets in Railways and also about Toilets in Cities.
Application provides multiple ways of complaint registration, which are via SMS, via Android App and via Web Interface.
Personalized Toilet registration guidelines are mailed to Toilet Caretaker at his email.
These guidelines are to be made available to Toilet Users.
These guidelines can be in local language also.
Toilets in the city can be added by Toilet Care Takers by using their phone; location of these toilets which get added in db are pinned/marked automatically in personalized Google maps.
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Android, SMS
  • Free version available
Poor access to data, Other, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens
  • toilet complaint railways SMS
Target Users
  • Toilet users in city and on railways in india
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