The app where you can find, RATE and share the best dishes around you
Toptasting is a mobile app for discovering and recommending the best dishes around you. Instead of just finding the best restaurants, in Toptasting you can also find, rate and share the best food served in those restaurants. Thanks to this, Toptasting will provide you with rankings with the most delicious dishes. Do you feel like having a hamburger? You want to know where to find the best one in your city? Look it up in Toptasting. You find yourself in some restaurant for the first time, don’t you know what to order? With toptasting you will know at a glance which are the best dishes served in that restaurant.
But that's not all. With Toptasting you can connect with other users, so you can follow the discoveries and ratings of your friends, your favorite food-bloggers, critics or other influencers you trust. You can also follow restaurants as well as most-liked topics so you will never miss a thing!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Eating and Drinking
  • the best food ranking foodies taste rate share social mobile local restaurants food! food! food!
Target Users
  • Foodies and smartphone users that love food (who doesn’t love food?) People who want to discover new gastronomic experiences. Oh, and also that friend of yours that loves to share pictures of the delicious meals he’s having while you are stuck at work wit
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