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Linking tourism and the real estate market of the Roman hills. Create a bridge between the town planning legislation, geotourism, and the housing market in the province of Rome.
The app offers the ability to browse and query maps containing detailed tourist information, but above all urban planning info, such as: building volumes, building projects achievable, environmental restrictions, boundaries reserves etc … in order to give full knowledge of the real estate investment opportunities for the area you are visiting. In particular, starting from the Roman hills, the project will extend over time to other European cities with the free participation of local authorities, which will provide its town planning legislation.

Needs and problems it addresses
Many government agencies have difficulties related to the publication of the urban and territorial legislation, OpenData and open government are struggling to emerge locally.
A big opportunity is given by linking these initiatives with tourism.
Authorities, such as the Province of Rome, recently provided as OpenData all planning regulations of some municipalities.
Through our work of link with the technical rules, we were able to make a mash-up of maps, zoning laws and POI.
There is a big problem related to compliance of planning regulations, especially in some European regions. Through the deployment of standards in this way you get a greater awareness on the part of citizens and greater respect by tourists.
This project could simultaneously solve several problems related to publishing and sharing planning rules, and problems related to the presence of local authorities in Geomarketingand geotourism.
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