Gym, Trainers and Users in the same place, The gym social experience
Trainer UP is an application that connects gyms with their customers (trainees), through an information system that is initially feed by the gym from a desktop device and synchronizes with the application installed on mobile devices of users (trainees) and trainers.
If you are a gym, you can generate perfect synergy between trainers and users, setting goals, social interaction, creating routines and much more ...
Trainers have the users information on their hands, to be able to guide them effectively in their workouts, objectives, routines and nutrition plans

As a user you have your workout history, your nutrition plan , and anthropometric control to track everything in one place , plus a blog and community forums on issues related to nutrition.
An app that lets you have the social experience of going to the gym ... COMPLETE
  • Free version available
  • Entrepreneur Membership - USD 20 (Monthly plan for gyms with 4 to 20 users)
Health, Sports
  • Trainer, Trainee, Gym, Fitness life, sports, nutrition, healthy life, Vida Saludable, seguimiento, rutinas,
Target Users
  • Gyms with an average of 250 users per day whose users are Men and Women between 25 and 35 years old who are interested in fitness life
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