Transmetro Habla
Application for the citizens of Guatemala, information BRT transport system, with special feature for visually impaired reporting on arrivals to stations via audio in 2 universal languages (Spanish and English) and a local third (Mayan language kiché). Notifications of mobility problems and delays, emergency, route changes and closing stations, city weather, information bikeways for use in the alternative, locating nearby stations, directions of transfer station A to B, also are being included timeouts, electronic payments, others.

Moreover, it is being providing information to the government agency charged with Transmetro (BRT system Guatemala City) since the announcement of audio, also background information arrival time is obtained at each station each bus, the traveling speed buses, the current position coordinates, time required to cover certain distances. All this information to reach the control center will serve the City of Guatemala to create new services, improve the current and provide users with valuable information to move within the city creating an awareness to use more frequently public transport and alternative transport (bicycles, etc.).
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • Transmetro, movilidad, Guatemala, no videntes, ciegos, transporte, accesibilidad, movilidad urbana, clima, ciclovías.
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  • Ciudadanía en General, personas no videntes, turistas exranjeros,
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