A mobile and web application that enables users to be able to locate garbage dumping sites, send SMS alert to truck drivers reminding them to collect garbage when bins are full as well as allow reporting of sanitation threats like reporting brocken pipes.
TrashMaster allows users to be able to locate public garbage dumping sites/bins. The mobile application geo-locates the user and then indicates to him/her the available public dumping sites or garbage collection bins on a map. The user can then report a filled up dust bin by tapping its icon on the mobile app. This way, it sends an SMS alert to the nearest track driver alerting him to collect garbage. Users can also use the app to send their sanitation queries to the administrators forexample to report leakages and broken pipes. Users also get tips on hoe to manage
Android, SMS
  • Free version available
Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Other, Make sanitation affordable, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens
  • TrashMaster
Target Users
  • all mobile phone users, garbage collectors, health ministries.
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