Discover the best food around the world in your language
Webapp platform to help foreigners to discover the local gastronomy in their language.
1. Companies make a digital menu in our platform, they can add images and text, then we translate into 8 languages by A.I.-powered translation system and professional translators, we provide explanatory videos about how to prepare the main local dishes, our system helps the diners to create by themselves their order and translate the special indications to the waiter.
2. After the foreigners have experienced travelling webapp in a restaurant o bar, we invite them to download our app for iOS or Android, there will be additional benefits they will get with our app like all information will be translated into their language, recommendations to find the best places and food based on their profile and preferences
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • company fee - 3% total bill (low volume)
  • company fee - 1 usd per table (low volume)
  • company fee - .25 usd per client (high volume)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Photo, Video and TV, Eating and Drinking
  • trip, travel, translate, languages, tourism, food, beverage, techfood, pornfood, tecnology to travel, restaurant, bar, hotel
Target Users
  • International travellers food and beverage companies
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