Explore cities like playing a game
Traze is a worldwide mass-multiplayer urban game based on Open Data.
It is designed to engage players in exploring, visiting, and battling in teams to conquer new places of every city in the world.

Traze is a gamified tourist guide experience for visitors and a worldwide mass-multiplayer team-based mobile game playable both solo or cooperative.

When the Player starts the app, based on the city they are located, they get a list of Missions. Each Mission asks the player to make certain actions. In the first version of the game, a Mission consists in the action of going to a certain place (called Target) and "conquer" it by checkin-in.
By conquering a place, the player gains points. Points are dependent on the distance of the place from the well-known touristic areas of the city. (the farther away, the higher points are awarded).

The more points, a user gets, the quicker he/she can level-up. By increasing the level, players access more virtual rewards and awards, but also can access more features such as, for example, report new locations into the game, becoming themselves “urban guides” and not just “urban tourists”.

Traze uses Open Data from CitySDK for various functions: locating the players, creating the missions for the players depending on the avatar, and getting the coordinates of the places.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Social Media, Games, Art and Culture
  • tourism, travel, conquer, warhol, hippie
Target Users
  • EARLY ADOPTERS: teenagers, young adults with iPhone
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