Local heroes customize your trip for 5€/day
tripuniq solves the "what to do" in destination.
No more hours of searching
No more doubts trying to choose
No more loosing time in destination
No more eating at tourist traps or other disappointments
You just have to love your trip experiencing only things that you like.

How does it work:
You just have to say who you are and how you like to travel.
Then, we show you local expert of the destination in function of your interests.
You choose your local
The local customizes your stay according to your preferences. It's like having a friend in the city you're visiting.
You receive a personalized guide of your stay with:
Your daily itineraries
Local tips for each stop
General recommendations
Seasonal food & events suggestions
Everything is geolocalized & available offline

Price: 5€/customized day
The user pays for the service of customization, not for the app.
Hotels, OTAs and City Councils partnerships can create free guides available for its customers/visitors.

*In the video you'll see that, now, the app is only available to receive your personalized trip. To order your trip you have to make it through our website.The full "trip order" process will be available soon.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Daily customized guides - 5€/day (The app itself doesn't have a paid version but you have to pay to order a trip customization.)
Travel and Tourism
  • What to do, local, customized, offline, destination service, mobile concierge service
Target Users
  • City Breaks, independent travelers (25-40)
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