We take Caller ID to the next level
The purpose of TrueCaller is to give the user as much information as possible about the people he/she communicates with, when the user needs the information the most.

TrueCaller shows you who the caller is if the number is not stored in your phonebook.

It gives you the latest information about your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn during incoming or outgoing calls.
TrueCaller blocks unwanted calls or notifies you if the call is a spam call based on other TrueCaller-users ratings and known spam-directories.

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Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Series 40, Windows Mobile
  • Free version available
  • TrueCaller - $6.99 (Android,Symbian, Windows Phone)
  • TrueCaller - $2.99 (iOS)
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Target Users
  • End users
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Google Play, GetJar , Handango, Handster, iTunes, Opera Mobile Store, Symbian Horizon, Windows Phone Apps
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