The Trvlrs app focuses on making sharing traveling experiences more social. Create a list of places to visit and expand them before or during your trip with suggestions by others or with places you see others nearby visit, and share media instantly.
Trvlrs is a new website and iPhone application focused on making sharing traveling experiences more social by not only giving you the opportunity to share your experiences, but allow others to participate in this as well. One of these more social features are the possibility to suggest places to visit when someone is going on a trip. You can follow people and see what they're up to on their trips and see what fellow travelers around you are visiting. This way, you can even get inspired to visit places while you're on your trip.

Photos, videos or blog posts can be created on the website or uploaded directly from within the app. No internet? No problem! The app will queue uploads and automatically complete it as soon as network connectivity is available.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • traveling, experiences, social, vacation, trips
Target Users
  • Everyone who loves to share their traveling experiences and/or want to get inspired by others before or during their trips.
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