a Sticky Post-it memo for quick note taker.
A Sticky Post-it memo for quick note taker.

The UI is carefully design for simplicity and clean.

All icons are also specially design to cater for easy understanding.

You will noticed that there is no Text display as it is design to cater for all language platform!!!

It's your very own hand writing sticky memo note taker.

Written in Native SDK thus its super fast!

Can use for sketching doodle too.

Lots of fun too.

Support Import and Export (Share)

Support Categories (Different Paper Color).

Support Pen + Eraser + Highlighter.

Support Local Storage.

Unique Menu that Support Landscape and Portrait.
Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, Windows Mobile, Qt, Windows Phone, MeeGo, BlackBerry - PlayBook, Windows 8
  • TuYa - US$0.99 (TuYa Playbook)
  • TuYa - SGD$1.99 (TuYa Nokia Ovi Store)
  • TuYa HD - US$0.99 (TuYa HP WebOS TouchPad)
Urban life, Education, Business and Work
  • TuYa Memo Note Taker Drawing Doodle
Target Users
  • All user that's needs a quick sticky memo note taker. Children for their creative doodle drawing.
Available in the following app stores
Blackberry App World, Opera Mobile Store, Palm App Catalog, Samsung Applications Store, Windows Phone Apps, Windows Store
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