TV Show Tracker
f you like to watch a lot of TV shows, this app will make your life easier!
TV Show Tracker will help you discover what TV shows are trending and what television programs are popular.
- Discover TV shows
- You can mark shows watched by episode, by season or by show
- Follow your watched TV shows
- Be notified of upcoming episodes
- Use the watchlist, adding TV shows to watch
- Use the upcoming list to know shows airing episodes in the next 7 days
- You can read a review or see a trailer for each TV show to see if you'll like it.
- Discover the cast for every TV show.
- Each TV show will show you a list of related TV shows. Thus, if you ended a TV show that you liked, you could be able to find some similar TV shows.
- You can read a review or watch a trailer for each TV show. That way you will have an idea of the TV show and know if you will like it.

You can use your account or create a new one (free), with this you will be able to sync with Trakt and keep track of your favorites TV shows.
  • 1.7 - 0 (Android )
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  • TV Show Tracker Android
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  • Everyone
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