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Tweet Category: tweets into categories. Best Twitter Tool to listen what's been said.

- Organize into categories the tweets of a hashtag.
- Get customized reports with the tweets, categories and users.
- Automatic filter for RT, Check ins, Pics, Links and Conversations.

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Tweet Category categorizes and sorts your tweets. It is the tool that every community manager should use. You will be able to classify tweets into various categories manually or automatically according to how important they are for you. Tweet Category will also generate customized reports for each analyzed session, easy and simple.

Tweet Category Features:

- Automatically sort noise-tweets of a hashtag: Check-ins, Conversations, Photos, Links and RTs. Tweet Category automatically saves all tweets containing any of these parameters into different categories .
- Creation of categories: Creates titles for the tweets: positive, negative, funny, irrelevant, and so on.
- Creation of automatic categories: all tweets with a certain word elected will be classified automatically, which will save an incredible amount of time.
- Classification manual tweets: Choose the tweets you want to sort and move them into the category.
- Recategocización of Tweets: Choose a tweet already sorted and move it to the category you want.
- Highligh Tweets: Once categorized, you can highlight the most important tweets in each category, these tweets will be shown in the report and readers can learn about the hashtag in an efficient manner.
- Tweet, ReTweet and Reply: Tweet Category allows you to write tweets, retweet and reply other tweets.
- Real-time statistics: Once created, the automatic and manual categories, sorted tweets and most active users can be viewed in real time.
- Custom Reporting: Once tweets are categorized, a custom report can be created with details on the most important tweets, active users and any tweets of the category selected in Annexes. The reports are fully customized by the user.
- Autosave Report: Every time you generate a report, it will be automatically saved.
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