Twenny - Discover the crowd, together
Twenny lets you know how crowded any location is and find out what's happening anywhere at any moment
Twenny is a community based platform that provides quick and useful information about how crowded or quiet places are.

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People can also talk and share info about what is going on at every place. It allows users to plan ahead and find the place they are looking for according to their mood.

In addition, the app has an algorithm which uses people’s locations and frequent visits and combines them with live reports to provide the most accurate results about the busyness. Unlike similar apps, Twenny provides quick information in a simple interface that allows users to communicate and find out more about every place; it’s like twitter, but specifically for each place.

Twenny lets users:

• Report on the crowd level of a location in order to help others benefit
• Search the entire world for places of interest that you want to know more about
• Chat with people who are at the location or who have been there recently to know more about what's really going on there
• Increase your standing in the community and raise your rank by being more active and gaining more points
• Send out a request to the community to get an update about the latest status of that place
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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Target Users
  • Twenny’s target audience is people who live in urban areas and enjoy an active and cool lifestyle.
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