Twins Memory Game
Alex and Mia are twins. But evil wizard Zilzebar captured Mia, and Alex have to save her! A delightful journey through magic world is waiting for him. Step into a magic portal and help Alex to save Mia! You will get in scorching desert, high mountains and impassable jungle. But that's not all! Cruel Zilzebar will create difficult obstacles. He will send you to the icy world of Antarctica, in the underwater world of the ocean, dense forests and deep space.

Twins Memory Game is a find-a-pair game. Open cards, remember it and find a pair for it.

In the game you will:
- train your attention and visual memory;
- 126 levels with different difficulty (limits on the number of moves and time);
- life is restored through every 25 minutes and taken away during an unsuccessful attempt to pass the level;
- free version contains advertising, which can be disabled by IAP

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • memory game
Target Users
  • kids parents
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Apps, Windows Store
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