Twseela will be the easiest way to use your friends cars as transportation and use your car as transportation for your friends.
cars owners may be not happy some days when they pay more and more for gasoline costs, also sometimes they need a road-mate.
non cars owners (users who don\\\'t have cars) also face some problems while waiting for a ride for hours or even minutes.
Let\\\'s focus on solving this problem by matching car owners and non cars owners.
What if non cars owners can easily have a ride by a friend\\\'s car, can share with the car owner in gasoline cost and can be a good road-mate for the long trips.
Cars owners will be happy if they can save their money, find a good road-mate and help in solving friends problems. is : the communication tool that can be used by cars owners and non cars owner to communicate with each others about the availability hours, the matched routes for the same trip, the cost of the trip and how non cars owners could share with cars owners in gasoline cost.
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Transport and Traffic
  • Twseela, Traffic Congestion, Transportation
Target Users
  • Our target end users are those who have cars and searching for road-mates to share in gasoline cost and also those who don\\\'t have cars and searching for a suitable transportation matching their routes and they are able to share in gasoline cost.
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