If you need to go to urgencies, reduce your uncertainty with U24app.
Between 30-35% of hospital emergencies were classified as low and medium complexity. Instead of being treated in community devices to improve the efficiency of these services, these patients were treated in the emergencies' hospitals. This loss of efficiency had an impact on the quality of care and in the delay of care.

32% of the people reported that they did not know about extra-hospital emergencies, 21% had the mistaken idea that they would be attended faster, 25.6% thought that hospitals would have better technical tools, while 11.4% believed that their life was in risk and 8% of them believe that quality in the primary care service would be worse than emergency room from a hospital. All these reasons seems that were produced by a bad use of communication.

The mobile application "U24app" is designed to improve the management of emergencies system by empowering the user. It geolocates you and the emergencies rooms (hospitals and community services). If you click one of them, it shows you the name, the direction and the phone number. At the lower right corner, there is a botton that leads you to google maps, showing you the fastroute to reach it. But, if you click another time the information square, it gives you the possibility to call the center.

Our vision is to create an app that users can choose from a list the reason why they want to go. Also, we want that the users could explain how they were treated to improve the brand image of the communitary system.

The U24app team aims to gain advertisement to increase the number of users that would lead to an increase of citizen's empowering and gain efficiency and utility of emergencies system.
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