Crowd sourced geospatial multimedia for Municpals, Communities & Citizens
Ubipix is a crowd-sourced location-based SmartPhone multimedia-mapping app used to capture, tag, upload and publish a wide range of geospatial video & imagery (examples include trails, journeys, recreational pursuits, public spaces etc). These trails and trips are then uploaded to the Ubipix website integrated with other spatial streams and can be shared via the website or through existing social networks. This rich spatial multimedia content can be used by suers to promote their city or indeed highlight problems. It is a generic technology so, users can come up with their own applications.

Any registered user can setup their own Ubipix 'Channel' for any City or for any activity. These channels can then be 'dropped into' the users own web-site. End use examples include promoting favorite visitor sites, cycle routes, public spaces, community services (or lack of same), areas of neglect, vandalism, damaged urban infrastructure. Users can collect geocoded full motion video using their Android or iPhone, tag images with descriptor information, upload in near real-time to the web site and share using the Channel feature or through standard social networks. The mapping container can be upgrade to handle any WMS/WFS.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • Geospatial, Crowd-sourced, Multimedia, GPS, Video, Camera, Geotagging,
Target Users
  • Municipal Authorities, City Planners, City Managers, Communities, Citizens
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