Find events directly from the artists
Unfolden is a two part solution, empowering artists and providing alternatives to event seekers.

Artists of any size can create their new event and start promoting themselves by publishing though our web. Their events are gathered and distributed through the second part, our agenda.

The agenda is a mobile app where you can find those alternative events the artists just created mixed with other events and data to ensure you find what you most like. And don't worry, the design is simple and focused on easiness: you are presented with just an event at a time, you can like it or dislike it and the app will learn from that, making future suggestions so much better.

We focus on empowering the artists with a good and easy tool to promote themselves to new audiences, and for that we have a good agenda appealing to the public.
Android, HTML5
  • Free version available
  • ArtistsPro - % based on audience (creation of events is for free at first, and becomes for a small fee afterwards)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Empower citizens, Art and Culture
  • unfolden, discovery, event, alternative, artist, promote
Target Users
  • people that wants to find new artists they will like and artists that want to promote themselves
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