Universal Customer
Better than a translator
Targeted at shops that strive to provide the service their customers wants. Universal Customer provides the shops owners and employees with communication resources for clients who speak a different language. From helping understand what clients are searching to descriptions of products, this app provides advice and offer value-added services that your customers will appreciate. For their part, guests can demand exactly what they want withouth mistranslations or bad understandings that finish in an unwanted product (wrong color, wrong size or even wrong type...).

Universal Customer helps solving communication problems with contextual, interactive and guided "read and spoken" conversations. It also helps cross-selling and offering complementary services.

Universal Customer uses professional translators and contextualized dialogues. Our company has already experience in the medical field, where you cannot afford an unreliable communication. In fact, what company could afford misunderstandings with clients?

It is not just a "translation machine": it takes you to an assisted, guided dialogue through the most common situations, leading to the best offering of services and products.

Automatic translators may not produce the best translation, and the output could be a translation that is unnatural or simply wrong. Internet is full of mistranslations examples. The user of automatic translators does not have any control of what is the quality of the translation (how do you know if text you are translating to japanese or german is even related to what you intend to communicate?).

Do you want to risk a reputation relying solely on a machine translation? It’s just not accurate enough to be used in commercial translations with "high involvement".

• Reliability.
• Bidireccionality (but it is the seller who guides the conversation, putting the client in the center of the sale).
• Helps selling products to foreign customers.
• Every kind of business has its own language context.
• You may use it OffLINE or ONLINE from any device.
• Customizable for every client as premium service (logos, pictures, additional phrases, etc).
• Allows any employee to give attention in different languages.
• Provides elements and better explanations of the billing process to customers.
• Always provides professional guided dialogs
• Improvement of the crossed sales and increase of the average ticket.
• Adds a perception of technology and dynamism in all trades.
• Improves purchase experience and quality services perception to foreign customers.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • Universal Fashion - 50€/Month (There is an offer plan (365€/year))
  • Universal Quick - 20€/Month (There is an offer plan (180€/year))
Travel and Tourism, Shopping
  • Fashion Jewelry Clothes communication service loyalty clear enhanced quality translator reliability bidireccionality dialog guided
Target Users
  • Shops
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