Universal Tourist
Better than a translator
Universal Tourist is a translation tool for tourists visiting foreign countries, created to facilitate multilingual interactions with local shops, hotels, restaurants, emergencies and more.

Universal Tourist can help tourists communicate in places where they don’t speak the local language.

Competitive advantages-
- Offline: use it anywhere without any connection problems.
- Allows to talk: Made to start conversations, generating answers on the basis of the formulated questions.
- Never fails: Hundreds of phrases recorded by professional interpreters, avoiding the mistakes of mistranslations and misunderstandings.


- Why use Universal Tourist? -

More and more places are becoming tourist destinations for reasons ranging from stunning landscapes to great shopping experiences. With a number of tourist destinations increasing every year, language barriers can be an obstacle to a great vacation. Universal Tourist is an app made to help you communicate when you’re in a shop, hotel or restaurant and the staff doesn’t speaks your language.

Universal Tourist works completely offline and has an interactive interface. It helps you, in various aspects, using a suggested dialog: to look for something, to communicate your needs or requests... The communication continues based on the sentence you've selected for reproduction, proposing various possible answers to the person who is talking with you, and so on…

- Languages -

Portuguese of Brazil
Chinese (Simplified)

- Features -

* Hundreds of phrases with audios recorded by native speakers in 12 different languages
* Unique design that makes conversations in an easy way.
* Topics included: hotels, transports, shopping, leisure, restaurants, emergencies and more.

The translation technology platform used by Universal Tourist has been implemented in the area of health and commerce services for several years (known as Universal Doctor Speaker and Universal Customer) and has proved to be very user-friendly, valuable and reliable. The design is therefore well tested and adaptable to various situations.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Universal Tourist - 1.99€/language (First language is free)
Travel and Tourism, Shopping
  • Trip Life style Language Tourist Translator Communication Hotel Fashion
Target Users
  • People travelling to other countries without knowing their language.
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