Unlimited Cities
A tool for collaborative urbanism
Unlimited Cities Pro involves professionals and the civil society at a moment when urban projects have yet to be defined. This visual and interactive app captures the imagination, needs and uses associated to a specific place.
Unlimited Cities Pro is a more long-term process.
More and more users are interested in the interdependent process of urban projects, while professionals are more and more open to public participation. In a few months an urban project can become a common good driven by common objectives.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • PRO - free (the app is free for the users but the price of the package of services for the client (city, municipality, private company) is 50.000 euros)
  • DIY - free (in progress)
Urban life, Empower citizens
  • collaborative urbanism, empowerment, civil society, collective intelligence, urban planning, smart cities
Target Users
  • municipalities, private companies, citizens, urban professionnals
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