Unplis is a multi-vertical convenience ecommerce that delivers in less than 60 minutes based on a pool of geolocated personal shoppers that are ready to buy whatever you need and bring it to you.
Unplis is a mobile app that offers shopping catalogues to make orders with a 60 minutes delivery. The shopping experience is exclusively online with the following process: Make an order, a freelance personal shopper buys it physically for you in retail stores and you receive it where you asked for in less than 60 minutes. Unplis does not invest either in vehicles or in own employees to make the delivery, since this activity is only made through crowd-sourcing/collaborative consumption. Furthermore, the company does not invest in stock as the purchase is made physically in the stores. Unplis has developed 2 mobile apps: 1 for users (who make the order) and 1 for shoppers (who buy the order), and is considering to develop another for local business (to upload the stock).
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Empower citizens, Shopping, Transport and Traffic, Urban life
  • ecommerce, delivery, on-demand, courier, urban, immediate, crowdsourcing, collaborative, convenient
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  • millennials, executives, families
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