UrbanUpp is a functional mobile app prototype (Android version only at this momment) which allows users both to receive information and to evaluate places by geolocation interface (streets, neighbourhoods, etc.) in a very fast and intuitive way.
The need for UrbanUpp arises from giving valuable information about specific places within the city to people who are moving themselves and they would like to check references about life cost (flat rental or buying, bar and restaurant prices…), safety levels (are the streets safety, are there robberies by there…) and environmental quality (parks, facilities, street cleaning, air, etc.)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, News, Opinion and Books
  • urban upp, gamification, smartcities, geolocation, fix the city, citizen participation,
Target Users
  • Everyone who wants to move from city to city or within the city. And people (especially older ones) who want to participate in geolocated evaluation of the cities they inhabit
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