Automatically Save for Vacation with the spare change from your Checking Account
The VaPay app is the simple, reliable and secure way to automatically save for your next vacation using the spare change from your existing checking account. VaPay is like having a Piggy Bank on your mobile device.

Simply register your existing checking account within the VaPay app and continue to use your debit card as usual and let VaPay take care of the rest. VaPay monitors your checking account for new and existing transactions then automatically rounds these transactions to the nearest dollar and transfers the spare change to a free VaPay savings account within the app. No extra setup required. Vapay uses the latest in bank level encryption to safely and securely make each transfer.

Key Features Include:

- Fast and Easy setup
- Automatically rounds each transaction and transfers to a free VaPay savings account
- Create a FREE savings account setup in a matter of minutes
- Bank level security and encryption protocol
- Graph and visibly track your savings in real time
- Works with over 19,000 US financial institutions including many local credit unions
- Quickly view estimated daily, weekly and monthly savings with the VaPay Tracker tool
- Instantly pause and resume automated savings with the push of a button
- Easily make one-time payments to your secure savings account
- Ability to set monthly recurring payments to your secure VaPay savings account
- Share your savings plan with popular social networks like facebook and twitter

VaPay is your personal savings app right at your fingertips. Like having a piggy bank on your mobile device, VaPay allows you to effectively save for a weekend retreat, romantic getaway, family trip, or dream vacation using the spare change from your daily checking activity.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism
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Target Users
  • Users who need a little help saving or to reallocate some of their disposable income
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