vecTray is one of the first multiplayer oriented iPhone games to make full use of the GameCenter match-making functionality. Face your friends, both online and in real time with support for up to 4 players. Show them who is the best!
vecTray is a strategic puzzle game: make lines by placing the falling blocks in the grid. Each line you make brings a chance for a bonus block to appear. Destroy a line where the bonus bloc is and unlock a spell !

Various game mode are available :

- Solo mode : In solo mode, the objective is to achieve the highest score possible. See if you can make it to the global top 10!

- Multiplayer mode : Face up to 4 friends in real time. Use bonus and malus to survive and be the last man standing ! Using the random function, automatically be matched with an opponent somewhere on the planet and face them. Don't have an internet connection? You can still experience the multiplayer mode when you face the computer in 4 different levels of difficulty.

There are 6 unlockable spells available:

- Add line (add a line in your opponent's grid)
- Shield (the shield protects you for 10 seconds)
- Random Clear (randomly deletes pieces in your opponent's grid)
- Clear Grid (totally clear your grid)
- Clear Bonus (clear your opponent's bonus)
- Zebra (clear half of the row in your opponent's grid)
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Multiplayer, puzzle, game, fun
Target Users
  • All person who want to play with or without his friends.
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